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Tomato Plants

Defiant (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant Defiant (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant
Excellent Blight Resistance!

Medium-firm textured tomatoes have a good balance of sugars and acids, perfe...  more details »
Delicious Tomato Plants Delicious Tomato Plants
Set the World Record for Size—Over 7 Pounds

You may be lucky enough to harvest the tomato that b...  more details »
Golden Rave Hybrid (FT) Hybrid Tomato Golden Rave Hybrid (FT) Hybrid Tomato

Favorite at Tomato Trials

Meaty as a Roma, but sweet as a grape tomato the huge yields of these yellow...  more details »
Pink Cadillac (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant Pink Cadillac (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant

Tastes As Good As It Looks!

This big, beefy tomato has delectably sweet, mild flavor. Vigorous growth...  more details »
Gurney's<sup>®</sup> Tomato Food Gurney's® Tomato Food
Blend of fast- and slow-release nutrients, all from natural sources. Use twice per season on tomatoes, peppers and eggpl...  more details »
Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato Plants Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato Plants
A striped grape tomato that's as wonderful as its name! Bears clusters of large grape tomatoes with rich, sweet-tart fl...  more details »
Gardeners Choice Tomato Plants Gardeners Choice Tomato Plants
A top choice by a panel of master gardeners! Combines the luscious taste and meaty texture of the beloved Brandywine wi...  more details »
Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato Plants Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato Plants
Beautiful orange 1- to 2-lb. fruit are the color of orange juice! This indeterminate heirloom, preserved by a gardener...  more details »
Marianna's Peace Tomato Plants Marianna's Peace Tomato Plants
Noted for its large size and excellent old-fashioned tomato flavor, this beefsteak has the perfect balance of acidity ...  more details »
Celebration (VFFT) Hybrid Tomato - Plant Celebration (VFFT) Hybrid Tomato - Plant

Celebrate a Fantastic New Tomato!

Boasting all the great traits of the old favorite, Celebrity, includ...  more details »

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