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Tomato Plants

Heirloom Rainbow Blend Tomato Plants Heirloom Rainbow Blend Tomato Plants
Wonderful Old-Fashioned Flavor

Recapture the rich flavors of Grandma's tomato garden with this imagin...  more details »
Beefsteak (VF) Tomato Plants Beefsteak (VF) Tomato Plants
America's Favorite Slicer!

Old-fashioned favorite bears big, meaty 2-lb. fruits with rich, full flavor. I...  more details »
Gurney's<sup>®</sup> Orange Whopper (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plants Gurney's® Orange Whopper (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plants

Heirloom Flavor, Hybrid Productivity

This tomato really is the best of both worlds! These vibrant ora...  more details »
Green Zebra - Heirloom Tomato Green Zebra - Heirloom Tomato

Stays Green When Ripened

Unique variety produces a good yield of 3 oz. yellow fruits with dark green ...  more details »
Black Krim Tomato Plants Black Krim Tomato Plants
Produces Well in the Heat
This unique heirloom variety is considered one of the best "black" tomatoes around...  more details »
Roma (VF) Heirloom Tomato Roma (VF) Heirloom Tomato

Meaty and Nearly Seedless

Premium canner, ideal for sauce and paste. Pear-shaped scarlet fruits are t...  more details »
Defiant (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant Defiant (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant
Excellent Blight Resistance!

Medium-firm textured tomatoes have a good balance of sugars and acids, perfe...  more details »
Mortgage Lifter Tomato Plants Mortgage Lifter Tomato Plants
Mild, Meaty 4 Pounders

Puts out extremely heavy yields of big, low-acid pink fruits. Few seeds, excellent...  more details »
Brandywine Tomato Plants Brandywine Tomato Plants
Amish Variety, Established in 1885

Winner of countless taste tests. Heavy producer of big, boat-shaped...  more details »
Early Girl Hybrid (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant Early Girl Hybrid (VFF) Hybrid Tomato - Plant

Earliest Indeterminate Hybrid

The one you can count on year after year. There's no faster-growing, be...  more details »

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